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Ultimate love

Thanks to Christine for taking this picture of us. We both won our respective divisions (open and coed) at the 2010 Davis Ultimate Invitational.

Marching into March

Thanks for everyone who has checked out my new blog project, NewlyWife. My cousin Megan and I have been so encouraged by the positive feedback. We have a lot of fun putting it together, and knowing that it’s meaningful to others puts a spring in our step.

In case you haven’t checked out the new blog, there are some updates that you may be interested in hearing:
* Matt is now back in the full-time work force!
* And… that’s kinda it. :)

Our lives are pretty much routine these days, but even so, we’re grateful. Last year was pretty tough on us, so we’re looking forward to more positive things in 2010. It also seems like we’re not alone in this, which is also great news.

How is everyone else’s year going? What are the highlights so far?

Check out NewlyWife!

Hi everyone, long time no blog. What’s my excuse except for starting a new project, NewlyWife.com! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for over a year and it’s finally here! So make sure to check it out and enter to win a giveaway — oh, and tell your friends. Once Matt gets home and lets me steal his iPhone, I’ll have pictures and hopefully a video from one of our recent dates with some very impressive characters.

Thanks everyone!

Merry Christmas!

This is the Christmas card we sent out this year. We went the email route to save money and some trees. And even though it looks like we’re cutting down a tree, it’s just our funky old “vintage” tree that we love. (Apparently Martha liked them as well.) It also looks like some of my favorite blogging couples went with the email card route: John and Sherry at Young House Love, and Katie and Jeremy at All Bower Power.

Now that Christmas is over, here were some highlights from this year. I’m sure are there more, but these are a few that came to mind:
* Spending time with family
* Watching the Santa hand poke the yule log on TV
* Christmas guamosas (champagne and guava juice)
* Ree signed my “Poineer Woman Cooks” cookbook
* Our annual Christmas party with Rock Band
* Opening presents with Matt in front of our now working fire place
* Ladies watching “Julie & Julia”
* The mad-libs version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Running back our memories

In going through some boxes from his parents house, Matt and I have been exploring the past. I’ve read his ninth grade autobiography, found his car featured in the high school paper (a yellow Dune Buggy: “I like things with their tops off” and “It’s one of a kind and fun–like me” — what a jokester), and perused some impressive report cards.

One packet of paper was from the end of a track and field season with results from various meets. In it were results from league competitions and dual meets, showing us both competing. There was even a picture of me winning a race framed in our living room that was recorded the packet.

I wonder if things would have been different if we knew our future spouse was there.

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Today not only marks the last day of March, but Matt’s birthday. I am so grateful to have a wonderful husband and partner, someone who doesn’t seem to mind that I didn’t wrap his present and I made his card.

Matt portrait

Isn’t he cute? :) This picture was from my last year of college when Matt came down to visit. I think we can both agree that we’re so glad that long distance dating is over.

Matt: Did you fill out your bracket already?
Emily: Yeah.
Matt: How’d you pick your teams?
Emily: By rank and whether I liked them.
Matt: Oh gosh.

Apologies to the gifters

Matt: Look what I did today. (Opens the kitchen garbage can.)

Emily: You made a tuna sandwich?

Matt: No.

Emily: You didn’t like the meatballs?

Matt: No.

Emily: You…broke a champagne flute?

Matt: Yea…

Emily: YES!!

Matt: (Extremely confused look on his face)

Emily: WE’RE TIED! Now I don’t feel so guilty for breaking that wine glass!

I just made Matt rewind to a commercial during the Warriors game. And because he loves me, he obliged. It is definitely one of my all-time favorites:

While it’s hilarious, it’s also a great picture of the bond between dad and daughter. Right now, I think my dad was glad I was a runner and not a cheerleader.

So thanks for being so great, Dad! This post is for you, and I promise to try and update (Ben and Kelly Moore* haha) more often.

*Check out past comments and you’ll get the joke. :)

Super Bowl!

Let’s pretend that the Super Bowl wasn’t really long ago, shall we?

Matt keeping track of the score

Football fashion

Yummy cupcakes!


More friends!

Rock Band!

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